Our Story


Hi, I’m Tanya.

Creator and owner of Boil Queen Wellness.

I created this company out of passion. After giving birth to my son in 2014, I began to have some postpartum health issues and was later diagnosed in 2017 with metabolic issues and autoimmune diseases (PCOS, Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Hypothyroidism). These conditions forever changed my life.

From that point on, it became a mission of mine to heal myself. I was tired of all these symptoms I was experiencing. My cystic acne was getting worse, my fatigue was limiting me from being the best mom I wanted to be, and I was physically tired and mentally self conscious of my weight and skin issues. I was tired of the bloat, gut issues and weight gain and not getting any answers of why this was happening from western doctors. I knew my health was something I had to take into my own hands. This is where my passion for eastern medicine, health and wellness derived from.

I started looking to natural remedies for healing. Food became my medicine and my passion.

I started doing research on how food was grown and animals were raised with natural regenerative and organic farming practices. I then started sourcing where to find these methods of farming from my local farmers and established connections with many of them over time.

From all my personal research, I realized all diseases began in the gut. From the food we eat to the soil vegetables were grown in or animals roamed on.

As I researched further into the benefits of bone broth, I was amazed. These benefits seemed too good to be true. How could bone broth heal my gut, clear my skin and also promote weight loss!? It was like magic in a cup. So, I started playing around with bone broth recipes to heal from the inside out.

I started drinking bone broth daily, then 2x a day and next thing you know I was 80 lbs down and my cystic acne and other skin issues had practically disappeared, my energy increased and I started to feel like myself again.

I continued to dive further down the health and wellness healing rabbit hole because surly I couldn’t just stop at food. I changed up my skin care habits and started making my own all-natural skin care products targeted to my skin needs. I knew I had to be practical and couldn’t always put this same energy into making my own body balms and skin care essentials so, I started sourcing better quality skin care products to purchase. When I started to blog on social media about my healing experience or where I sourced products and shared my gut healing recipes for everyone to make - I quickly gained a likeminded audience and realized I was not the only one looking for the same things. In fact, there were a lot of people with not enough time to make wholesome meals, body care essentials or source quality products. I knew I wanted to help people heal from the inside out like I did, make it easier for them to do so. Years later, this led me to create Boil Queen Wellness.

Boil Queen Wellness is a one stop shop where you can purchase my delicious gut healing bone broths (depending on your location) and purchase my gut healing meal plans and recipes from my e-book(s). You can also source other companies’ quality natural food services and natural body care products, invest in professional natural health services (if needing some coaching and assistance) and invest in yourself all in one place.

I hope you all enjoy this wellness platform full of amazing resources.